The Creativegang …

CCG has succeeded in amassing an amazing family of creators, event producers, event planners and technicians that has taken years to complete. Our team synergy has evolved in much the same way as the cast of a long running TV series, with an extraordinary group of characters. Here are a few for you to meet …

Event Producer


Executive Producer

From backyard theatrical presentations for his family and friends to orchestrating corporate and special events, galas, concerts, benefits and extravaganzas, Rob’s ability to multi-task with both his left and right brain has resulted in the successful entertainment of millions. Rob also likes snacks, especially chocolate, but not clowns.

Water Screen Technician

Scott Sman

Special Effects Director | Sun Tanner

Scott has always had difficulty with solids, so he began focusing on liquids. A special effects genius, Scooter bends and molds H20 into gorgeous indoor water screens, outdoor fan tails, dancing fountains, painting them with image projection, lasers and hand puppets. His newest design involves easier Mojito delivery.

Event Producer

Mara Lee

Catalyst | Producer

Meet the kindest, sweetest, gentlest atom smasher ever. Along with her passion for all things creative, she was born with the ability to organize and lead, doing so with precision. Her vast experience in multiple entertainment and event production disciplines is rivaled only by her mastery of artistic tiling … and her puppies.

Event Planner

Alice Margaret

Event Manager | Kite Flyer

We reservedly included Alice here as most clients quickly fall in love with her and want to take her away. You can’t have her. A specialist in event management and coordination, meeting planning and talent coordination, Alice’s skills include sympathy, empathy, concern, support and excels in DirecTV remote operation.



Audio Visual Technician

Nathaniel “D”

Technical Producer  | Mellowizer

He started renting flash lights to ill prepared campers at age 6, and became diverse in digital video, projection, sound array, intelligent lighting, staging, and an expert technical event producer by age 7. Prefers the name Nathaniel, never sleeps, drinks only tap water and collects semi-trucks. His Dad makes great pesto sauce.

Event Staging Construction Crew

The Barsness Bros.

Stage Officianados

This is Matt and Tom. Nate and Scott aren’t pictured – they are at the hardware store buying screws. When not constructing sets, the boys roam nationwide building, plumbing, wiring and nailing a bevy of architectural creations. They also hunt, fish, trap, forage and on wintery days, make world class snow angels.

The Cre8tive Collaboration Gang, Inc. dba CCG Productions 952-492-6492

The Cre8tive Collaboration Gang, Inc. dba CCG Productions 952-492-6492

Call CCG at 952-492-6492